Welcome to Kamalovia

Dear readers,

Welcome to Kamalovia. Where you will find issues that matter to you.

If you are a Malaysia-based student aged 17 to 25 looking for any information about realities of university life, this blog is for you. I aim to produce reliable articles to help students to better understand how universities work, sorting out life on your own and what to do after graduation. Want a job? Failed a module? Coping with loneliness? I will try to address these college issues to the best of my ability.

If you are seeking political opinion or inflammatory rhetoric, then you will have to look elsewhere. This is not a site where I want to host flamewars or unnecessary drama.

I have moved from a previous blog, where I have hosted a miscellany of content and writings. It will no longer be updated, as my focus has shifted to producing  fact-based and practical information rather than a mix of fiction and anecdotes. Hence, I will not cross-reference any content from there here.

I am a student in the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. My experiences will be drawn from there. I have contacts who are attending and have attended other private and public institutions around the country. I will do my best to conduct necessary research in order to bring about accurate information. It is likely that a majority of my articles will be most relevant towards the University of Nottingham, but with time, hopefully I will be able to expand my knowledge.

Thank you for your time and I hope you will benefit from visiting Kamalovia.

Ahmad Afendiyevich